My Green Heloc Provides you with 100% financing that makes it fast and very affordable to upgrade your property today. There are no upfront payments, so you get to hold onto all of your cash. The cost of the project can be spread out over terms from 5 to 30 years so you get to pick whatever payment fits your budget the best! The cost is incorporated into your property taxes so if you sell your property in some cases it can be transferred to the new owner so you only pay for what you use. Eligibility is based mostly on the equity you have in your property. It’s kind of as if your house is borrowing the money, so we don’t need to verify employment, pull fico scores, or look at financial statements. Best of all you may not have to make any payments for up to 29 months. So you may be putting money in your pocket every month from the energy savings now, while watching your beautiful home increase in value and get all the rebate CASH in your hands NOW!